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Wed Jan 4 19:01:02 MST 1995

What is it about TA Jackson that I found interesting?  Well, I don't have
it in front of me.  What I remember as interesting is his discussion of how
Marx and Engels arrived at their theory  of class struggle.  I also
remember as provocative his  interepretation of the 1859 "guiding thread."
But in my opinion TA Jackson is more of historical interest.  A working
class intellectual,  he seems to have been one of the most sophisticated
Stalinist Marxist philosopher in Britain in the 30s (I may be way off on
this, but comments by Helene Sheehan and Jonathan Ree suggest that Jackson
was a very advanced student of Marx). And in that regard, Jackson's general
understanding of Marxism can be helpful in analyzing the tendency of which
he was a powerful embodiment.

I am sorry if Jackson has proven to be a dead-end.  I shall try to be more
specific about my recommendations next time.  And once I get the book back,
I shall look through my markings to see if I can find anything interesting.

By the way, jones/bhandari is just bhandari, Rakesh Bhandari.

>jones/bhandari <djones at> kindly recommended to
>>TA Jackson, 1937. Dialectics--Its Logic and Practice
>>I remember as interesting their discussion of the German
>>Ideology in the context of Marx's development.
>Well, I just read the relevant pages on THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY.  I
>fail to see what is especially interesting about Jackson's
>discussion.  Could you tell me what I have missed?


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