ideology, exploitation and domination (re-post)

Richard Wolff rwolff at
Fri Jan 6 18:45:16 MST 1995

	In brief reply to Beasley, ideologies usually entail ethics
although their proponents often deny or miss that component (which itself
reflects specific social conditions that render enthics somehow suspect
or inapporpriate). In other words, ethical commitments are like utopian
desires or goals: everybody has them and everyone's philosophical,
theoretical, and political projects show the influence of ethical
commitments and utopian dreams. The point is that all these components of
individual consciousnesses vary: we disagree in our theories partly
because we disagree over ethics, politics, utopian visions, etc. And, as
well, as befits a commitment to overdetermination, the reverse holds:
our theoretical stances help to shape our ethics, politics, and utopian
goals. This is, in my view, the thrust of how some of us have developed
the notion of overdetermination, taking into the connections among
ethics, politics, epistemology, and theory. I hope this is something of a
relevant response.

Rick Wolff


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