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Sat Jan 7 02:55:17 MST 1995


Thank you very much for the background on Postone.  I shall be trying to
get in touch with him, partly to know when or if a paperback edition is due
out.  I have too many light pencil underlines and comments in the library
copy I have.

Yes, Postone's interest in forms of thought and social mediation does seem
to be inspired by Sohn-Rethel.  It seems that part of what Postone has
achieved is the application of Korsch's principle of historical specificity
at the deep epistemological level (I believe Korsch's main example was that
of rent, the historic specificity of which was already grasped by Richard
Jones according to H Grossmann).  I have been most challenged by Postone's
treatment of time.  At any rate, I am not quite done yet, still working on
the trajectory of production, and then I want to go back and re-read much
of it.

but if you would like to pose a topic of discussion, I would be very happy
to try to participate.  I was disappointed that no one else out there
chimed in, but then I did not really pose a real question to the group.


Rakesh Bhandari


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