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Sat Jan 7 03:47:07 MST 1995

Though addressed to Paul, my last message on Postone was meant to be a
personal letter to Patrick Patterson, whose message I  mistook to be a
personal reply to my request for reviews about Postone.  At 2:30 my p's
start to run together.

At any rate, I would like to thank Patrick for the info about the review in
Telos, which appears in the Summer 1994 issue; it is by Jeanne Schuler, and
it seems to be the most thorough review yet written  (indeed I found some
of the formulations in the review to be as good as I have recently  read).
Schuler is as enthusiastic about this book as I am.  Again, if anyone knows
about "obscure" reviews, please do tell me.  The Postone is really helping
me think through my dissertation, especially the stunning chapter on the
"Dialectic of Labor and Time"--which I hope someone would like to discuss.

At any rate, if anyone out there--Peter, Paul, Pranab, or Patrick
(sorry)--would like to discuss this very rich work, please do send a me or the list.

Here's part of Patrick Patterson's original post on Time, Labor and Social
Domination in case anyone may have missed it; while I had (unsurpringly)
drawn attention to Grossmann's influence, Patrick commented upon the
importance of Sohn-Rethel:

>I would be very interested in discussing Postone's latest work.
>As far as understanding his place within the tradition, Postone interpretation
>of marxism is situated within a trend that emerged out of the student movement
>in West Germany particularly in Frankfurt. The immediate obvious influence is
>Adorno but perhaps even more important is the work of Alfred Sohn-Rethel who
>an influence on the early work of the Frankfurt School. Sohn Rethel's work can
>be seen as a kind of link between Lukacs and the work of the Frankfurt School.
>The model of domination sketched in the Dialectic of Enlightenment corresponds
>to the model which Sohn-Rethel sees as operative in Marx's analysis of
>Labor becomes increasingly abstract, splitting-off the concrete physical side
>that it becomes embodied in the machine system. The domination of nature is
>secured through a corresponding domination over our own nature, leading to a
>loss of the sensuous side of our existence. Sohn-Rethel's work influenced a
>number of individuals within the student moment.


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