NWRC bulletin board

Rust Gilbert rgilbert at mcs.com
Sat Jan 7 13:16:00 MST 1995

Without very much difficulty or expense NWRC can have a BBS-type presence on
the Internet.

The principle function - and the only one at the beginning - would be to
enable posting messages, via email, for all subscribers. Eventually we could
have more things on line, like the  catalog we're building. Postings could
be about demonstrations, forums, etc, but there is no reason why people
couldn't discuss the whole range of subjects appropriate to a BBS sponsored
by an all-points of view on the left Bookstore. I would hope that a Chicago
focus or flavor would be present.

This post is addressed to everyone who is presently receiving the email
edition of the NWRC Newsletter. I aim to start testing the software for this
experiment on the Internet early in February and I need to know if you want
to be a participant.

If I don't hear from you I'll assume you want to continue to receive
postings of the NWRC newsletter and you to try - at no charge - the BBS
service when we get it running.




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