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Sat Jan 7 13:22:00 MST 1995

New World Resource Center Forum:
  Friday - January 13th - 7 P.M.
Dr. Alexandre Pantsov,
Moscow Institute of World Labor Movements
author of:
Trotskyism in China (Forthcoming - 1995)
China in the Period of the Japanese War of Aggression, 1937-1945 (1988)
History of the Ideological Struggle Inside the Chinese Revolutionary
Movement (1985)
will speak on:
Trotskyism in Revolutionary China
 With the defeat of the revolutions in Western Europe, many looked hopefully
eastward for the next successful socialist revolution.  Lenin remarked, "If
not through Berlin, through Peking."  By 1927, it appeared as if a workers
and peasants revolution was imminent in China.  Yet, it was crushed in a sea
of blood.  When 22 years later, Mao establish
ed the People's Republic of China, it would be far different from what the
original Bolsheviks had hoped for.  This discussion will seek to answer
questions like these:
*	What was the role of the Communist International in the 1927 Chinese Tragedy?
*	How did Stalinism gain control of the Chinese Communist Party?
*	What Role did Chinese Trotskyists play in the revolutionary events of 1927?
*	What do these events tell us about Mao and the current regime in China?
New World Resource Center  -  1476 W. Irving Park, 348-3370


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