ideology, exploitation and domination (re-post)

Richard Wolff rwolff at
Sat Jan 7 19:37:21 MST 1995

	I want simply to agree with Philip Goldstein regarding his
support for Althusser's interventions around the notion of
overdetermination since it was that notion, applied in terms of
epistemology, that yielded the idea that "there is always ideology"
since ideology is the "lived relation" of persons to the world as they
experience and construe it. The trick becomes then not the hunt for
absolute truth, but rather the specification of how different ideologies
arise and how they influence persons in very different political directions.
Our different assessments of where the alternative ideologies lead
(what their social consequences appear to be in each specific time
and place) then become the criteria for our decisions as to which
ideological positions to love and endorse, which to disagree but ally
with, which to be indifferent towards, and finally which to oppose and hate.

R. Wolff


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