RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY, Vol. 14 now out. Submissions welcome.

Mon Jan 9 10:03:27 MST 1995

The latest issue of the RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY is now in print.
Contents are below.  There are three long articles: one on market socialism,
another on 19th-century Irish feudalism, and a third on the 1929-33 collapse.
Three shorter articles are on Puerto Rico, Taiwan and Nicaragua. All are
ssubstantial contributions.

If your library is not subscribing, PLEASE encourage subscriptions.
Left-wing publications need support to stay in existence.

Also, if you have any articles for consideration for possible publications,
please send two copies to me at Paul Zarembka, Department of Economics, 443
Fronczak Hall, SUNY at Buffalo, New York 14260 (phone 716-645-2121 ext 38).
Contributions may be up to 50 pages in print, making the RESEARCH
particularly attractive for more detailed theoretical or applied/empirical
work for which space consideration is a problem for other journals.

Thank you, Paul Zarembka

                        RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY

                          Volume 14: 1994 (272 pp.)

                            Editor: Paul Zarembka

                         Publisher: Jai Press, Inc.
                           55 Old Post Road--No. 2
                                P.O. Box 1678
                          Greenwich, CT 06836-1678

Agency Issues and Managerial Incentives: Contemporary Capitalism Versus
Market Socialism
  by James A. Yunker, Western Illinois University

Bulwark of Landlordism and Capitalism: The Dynamics of Feudalism in
Nineteenth Century Ireland
  by Eamoon Slater, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland, and Terrence
  McDonough, Canisius College and Dublin City University, Ireland

The Causes of the 1929-33 Great Collapse: A Marxian Interpretation
  by James Devine, Loyola Marymount University

Finance Capital versus Managerial Control in a Colonial Sphere: United States
Agribusiness Corporations in Puerto Rico, 1989-1934
  by Cesar J. Ayala, Lehman College

U.S. Interventions and Economic Development in Small, Poor Countries: The
Cases of Taiwan and Nicaragua
  by Joseph E. Medley, University of Southern Maine

Military Spending and Taiwanese Development: A Statistical and Historical
  by John Hartman, Columbia University, and Wey Hsiao, Commonwealth of


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