John Mann john_mann at blyth.com
Tue Jan 10 11:15:52 MST 1995


Hi, I've just joined the list. I'm a software designer/programmer from England.
Aijaz Ahmad's "Response to Derrida" (NLR 208) has made me decide to get back to
marxism from deconstruction, hence my joining the list.

What made me lose interest in marxism previously was the question of what is a
feasible socialist society. I remember a book by Peter Rutland, 'The Myth of the
Plan' (Hutchinson, 1985) in which he analyses various alternatives to the market
- basically 'planning' by quotas I think - and argues that, bad though the
market is, these are worse.

I don't think this is necessarily a question of public/private ownership:
private or state industries can be run on a quota system, worker co-operatives
can be run on a market system. What are some readable, accessable books/articles
in this area?

John Mann (john_mann at blyth.com)


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