Alternatives to Capitalism

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Tue Jan 10 09:17:25 MST 1995

Mann asks for some references on alternatives to capitalism. A nice place
to survey some alternatives is in the special issue of the Review of
radical Political Economics (Fall-Winter 1992) on The Future of Socialism.
This has accessible articles by Albert and Hahnel and Pat Devine defending
planning alternatives and Dave Schweickart and Tom Weisskopf defending
market alternatives.

Schweickart's Against Capitalism (Cambridge, 1994) is the place to look
for a defense of labor-managed market socialism. John Roemer's "public
ownership" model is set forth in his A Future for Socialism (Harvard
1994). Albert and Hahnel explain their participatory planning model in The
Political Economy of Participatory Economics (Princeton 1991) and Looking
Forward (South End Press 1991).

I have an edited collection on this stuff forthcoming from Humanities, but
it's not out yet, will be later this year. It's called Beyond Communism
and Capitalism.

Mann also might look at the empirical experience on Mondragon, e.g., in
Whyte and Whyte, making Mondragon (Cornell ILR Press), Thomas and Logan,
Mondragon: An Economic Analysis, and a book the author of which I forget
called We Build the Road As We Travel.

--Justin Schwartz


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