JULES D. TUYES antjdtx at
Tue Jan 10 07:39:36 MST 1995

On Sat, 7 Jan 1995, boddhisatva wrote:>
> 	I cannot see how any feasible design for the revolution can help but
> include "syndicalist" ventures.  Syndicalism makes people nervous.  It makes
> me nervous.  Further nervousness is provided me by my realization that some
> of these "syndicats" will organize on the basis of race, gender, and
> ethnicity issues.  People organizing around these issues (perhaps less so for
> gender) can get very "non-inclusive", sometimes with bats.


I knew that I could expect to find a discussion of syndicalism from you on
this list. I'm a fan, personally, and save your posts for later reading.

First, call me a "non-violent anarcho-syndicalist" who is more intersted
in the decentralization of power attained through a revolution where
warafre in an unacceptable and unreliable means of liberation.  Second, I
agree that the breadth of socialism is utterly too broad. How is it that
we appropriate "worker's interests", reconfigure that kind of exploitation
into talk of the control of cultural capital and imagine that these too
phenomenon are similar at all.  Third (the good post-structuralist), as we
come to recognize the constitution of race, gender, sexuality, etc. as
bound together more under certain oppressions that as definable,
"essential" traits, I predict that our syndicalist organizations will
emerge more along ideologies that along "essentialist" lines.  We have
already begun to see this at work, in Christian home schools, in the
environmental co-operative movement.  The trait that I believe I share
with many liberals under capitalism is the belief that "inclusivity"
become institutionalized.  I am too suspicious of government under
capitalism right now to believe that "civil-rights bills" are enough.

What kind of counter-institutions are we trying to create? I'd like to see
capitalism become accountable, with tight employer/employee pay ratios,
with real punishment for white-collar crimes.  Bakunin and many other
"anarcho-syndicalists" definitely felt that solutions like mine are not
enough.  However, will "we" participate in imperialist warfare?  We are
too splintered; we don't have the guns.  Can an academic's adherence to
the principles of equitable distribution of capital really ally itself
with a "worker"?


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