Value (and efficiency)

Chris Burford cburford at
Thu Jan 12 00:53:24 MST 1995

I resonated to the passage by Karl Korsch (1938), which Rakesh Bhandari
kindly forwarded, and which emphasised the dynamic role of the law thus:

"the continuous depreciation in value of the commodities, effected by the
ever-increasing productivity of social labor consequent upon the further
accumulation of capital, constitutes the decisive factor."

Something more obvious in a decade of deflation but still true in more
inflationary times, and just emphasised in other contributions on this
list for both its positive and its negative consequences.

I was most interested in  Rick's implication that the state might try to
stand above the conflicts that arise from capitalism's tendency, as
greens say, to "externalise costs". In civil society we all may need to
become adept at correctly handling contradictions among the people even
before the nirvana of socialism arrives?

Chris Burford, Community Psychiatrist, London.


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