Ron Press anclondon at gn.apc.org
Thu Jan 12 00:58:58 MST 1995

I suggested that taking money as a measure of efficiency was simplistic and harmfull. Similarly I think that

>  "An efficient production process is one which minimises the amount of social labour used."

is equally so.

I am very much in agreement with Wolf. There is no simple measure. However in order to live in the real world such measures are necessary and are used. There in lies the rub.

I again agree

 >       It is, of course, nothing less than the economic theory to
>rationalize Voltaire's old argument attributed to his character Dr
>Pangloss: everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds."

Again however it is the task of Marxists to show that the best of all POSSIBLE worlds is not the present one. Such a world is unattainable but we can do much much better.

The only way to measure efficiency is as Wolf says to take into account all the subsets (As I understand R Wolf). I Agree this is impossible. There are too many. But a system of consultation and discussion with representatives of all (as many as possible) interested parties would result in a far more appropriate assesment of the efficiency.

The result woulf be a more democratic system and if not the best of all worlds at least a better one.

In a way the Trade Unions, the Greens, the Consumer groups, Third World First.... are contributing to the propper assesment of "efficiency" More power to their arms.



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