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>        Rejecting foundationalism (absolutism) does mean to embrace SOME
>meaning of the term relativism (but not ANY meaning). That is, I do NOT
>think of relativism as some assertion of the equality or equivalency pf
>alternative theories (of efficiency or anything else). The idea that the
>rejection of foundationalism necessarily entails that kind of relativism
>that thinks of alternatives as equal and hence deduces that embracing any
>of the alternatives as pointless, unwarranted, etc. - that idea is one
>promoted by those who seek to make relativism so awful that everyone will
>stay with foundationalism/absolutism as the lesser evil.
>        The relativism of which I speak is rather the view that
>perspectives always have and always will differ AND that we attach
>ourselves to one or another perspective (or mixtures) with passion
>because of the unique overdeterminations of us as individuals with

But Rick, if we deconstruct this term, don't we come up with a new
foundationalism, albeit a tacit one?

>particular needs, hopes, commitments, and felings that make one
>perspective rather than others dear to us.
>R. Wolff

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