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From: rferg at ozymandias.win-uk.net (ROBERT JOHN FERGUSON)
Date: 12 Jan 95
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My name is Bob Ferguson and I am Head of Media Studies at the
Institute of Education of the University of London.  My
acquaintance with marxism is less scholarly than it should be, but I
am very interested in the development of debates about the concept
of ideology and its various marxist, neo marxist and marxian
variations - particularly as they impinge upon the operations of
the mass media and education at all levels. I guess that is enough
to be going on with.

I am also interested in the fact that marx is nearly always cited
by his opponents for his gross miscalculations and seldom or never
for acute analysis of the power structures and informing
principles of capitalism.

I look forward to reading, thinking and maybe even debating with

Best wishes

Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson


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