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	I very much appreciated your latest posting - above all for its
tone and spirit and compassion. We are indeed close in many ways. If
there is anything I could add - briefly - to your remarks it would be this:
conflict, like its cousin contradiction, is the other side of
overdetermination. What overdetermination enables, as a grid through
which to understand and approach the ubiquitousness of conflict, is just
that sort of acceptance of conflicts as natural ways of working out
differences which is so often lost when conflict is rather approached in
absolute terms, as right against wrong understood absolutely and thereby
viewed as legitimating "absolute" modes of "resolving" conflict, etc etc.

	By the way, we do not regard Althusser as some saint or
Marx-substitute; our expressed respect, as you saw, is just our way of
signalling to friends on the left how much would be lost were his own
struggles in Marxian theory and in his own life (as shown in his The
Future Lasts a Long Time) not read and critically incorporated by our
generation of Marxists.

Rick Wolff


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