Jamal Hannah jamal at
Sun Jan 15 11:29:01 MST 1995

On Sat, 14 Jan 1995, Richard Wolff wrote:

>       In reply to Schwartz, I cannot, of course, throw at him words of
> the sort her throws at me - for example, "wrong." To do that, as
> Schwartz's comments show, slips an absolute in despite lip service to the
> refusal of foundationalism.

I didnt see what Schwarts said, in exactly what context, but it seems to
me that there is a difference between saying "I believe you are wrong,
here is why.."  vs. saying "you are wrong" or "that is wrong" or
"this is fundimentaly wrong or incorrect, period.".  Unless both parties
already aggree as a given that something is wrong when having an
argument, it's fair enough to use the word "wrong" so long as one
is willing to offer arguments as to why they believe something is "wrong".

 - JH


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