Richard Wolff rwolff at
Sun Jan 15 19:55:12 MST 1995

	Last comment: Truth (the singular) is not necessary to critique
or anything else. You can - and we do - construct our critiques by means
of identifying the truth criteria (truths) in and for our conceptual
frameworks over against the different truth criteria (truths) we identify
as operating in and for other conceptual frameworks (e.g. those of
theories we reject). Schwartz wants to hold on to something absolute -
however liberal he is in abandoning the cruder sorts of absolutism under
the criticisms levied against them with increasing force by various
kinds of very different relativists over recent decades. But hold on to
something foundational he thinks he must - or else something he holds
dear is lost: critique or whatever else.
	I disagree with this as I do, for example, with those empiricists
who recognize the problems with imagining we derive truth from "the
facts" appropriated by our senses, who then "reject" empiricism only to
bring it back in by the back door with another name, say "realism" as one
form of this these days. They do this because in the end they cannot
imagine letting go of the anchor of knowledge - its foundation - in
empirical givenness (notwithstanding the qualifiers the surround their
empiricism with).

Rick Wolff


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