Paul Cockshott wpc at clyder.gn.apc.org
Sun Jan 15 13:25:55 MST 1995

Wolf seems to think that questions of efficiency
are something for philosophers to debate. Whilst they
may chose to do this, the practically important question
is what the routinised criteria that a society applys
unthinkingly day in day out a million times over is to be.

The capitalist criterion of minimising monetary cost is
used all the time by people with neither the time nor the
interest to get involved in philosophical questions.
For socialist society to work it must have an analogous
routinised procedure. For any system of economic calculation
to work it must not only be routine, but standard accross
society. Capitalism for instance, establishes standard
national currencies whose coins stand in simple numerical
relationships ( usually decimal ) to allow this to occur.
If each group or locality had a quite different method
of economic calculation, industrial society would be


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