Call for papers: graduate students

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Tue Jan 17 13:01:47 MST 1995

Call for Papers

Graduate Marxist Studies Conference

The Graduate Group in Marxist Studies of SUNY at Buffalo announces its Ninth
Annual Conference

Marxh 31 - April 1, 1995

The Graduate Marxist Studies Conference at SUNY Buffalo provides an
interdisciplinary forum for graduate students to present their work and to
become acquainted with the larger community of Marxist graduate students and
their research. Graduate students who share an orientation to Marxism in
philosophy and methodology; political economy and contemporary economic
analyses; the natural and social sciences; labor; law; race and ethnic studies;
women's studies; gay and lesbian studies; comparative, psychoanalytic, and
critical studies; cultural studies; media studies; education; literature and
the arts are encouraged to submit their scholarship. The selected papers will
be arranged into panels, with commentators for each panel.

A list of proposed panels includes: Marxism and Deconstruction; Materialist
Feminism; Marxism and the Question of Community; Frankfurt School; Marxism and
the Image; The Underground Economy; Critical and Legal Studies; Ethics and
Politics in Contemporary Marxist Studies; Queer Studies; Pedagogy in the
Academy; Marxism and Aesthetic Modernism; Primitive Accumulation and Early
Modern Literature; Socialist Humanism and Praxis; The British Marxist
Historians as Theorists. (This list is intended to suggest rather than limit

Papers must be received by February 15, 1995. Presentations will be limited to
twenty minutes. Please include your address and telephone number. Please submit
completed papers; proposals and outlines for papers should not be submitted.
Send three copies of your manuscript to:

Graduate Group in Marxist Studies
c/o Carla Billitteri
Philosophy Department, 607 Baldy Hall
SUNY at Buffalo
Amherst, NY 14260
V079SJWU at
Jim Lawler
phijiml at


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