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Tue Jan 17 13:04:21 MST 1995

Call for Papers

Research & Society: A Graduate Student Journal of Marxist Scholarship

	Research & Society is a multi-disciplinary journal published by the
Graduate Group in Marxist Studies, SUNY at Buffalo. Graduate students who share
an orientation to Marxism in philosophy and methodology; political economy and
contemporary economic analyses; the natural and social sciences; labor; law;
race and ethnic studies; women's studies; gay and lesbian studies; comparative,
psychoanalytic, and critical studies; cultural studies; media studies;
education; literature and the arts are encouraged to submit their scholarship.
	While we do not adhere to any particular school of Marxism, we do
encourage authors, where appropriate, to establish the relationship of their
work to the classic and contemporary writings of Marxism, as well as to the
current literature of their subject areas.

Manuscripts. Papers must be received by April 1, 1995. Please submit three
copies of your manuscript to:
Research & Society
Graduate Group in Marxist Studies
c/o Carla Billitteri
Philosophy Department
607 Baldy Hall
SUNY at Buffalo
Amherst, NY 14260
V079SJWU at

The title page of the manuscript should include your full name, your academic
and other professional affiliations, and your complete address and phone
number. All manuscript material should be submitted on 8 1/2 X 11 stock in
double-spaced typescript on one side of the paper only, with generous margins.
	Notes should be numbered consecutively and assembled at the end of the
text. References should  appear in parenthetical form within the text, e.g.,
(Leacock 1981: 255). The bibliography should be placed at the end of the
manuscript, double-spaced, in the following style:

Melman, Seymor
1970 Pentagon Capitalism. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Parenti, Michael
1970 Power and Pluralism: A View from the Bottom. Journal of Politics 32:

	Submission of a manuscript implies that it is not under consideration
for publication elsewhere. Accepted manuscripts are subject to copy-editing and
editorial modification and revision necessary to bring them into conformity
with the style of the journal.


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