Absolutes/ efficiency

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Tue Jan 17 16:53:57 MST 1995

		Mr. Press,

	You have assumed, in your argument, that labor power actually held
sway in the USSR.  You have also assumed that the rich are like team captains
and managers that look to the team's success.

	The problem is that the team is run by those not on the team.  The
problem is that many people DON'T wan economic society to succeed, or they
are indifferent.

	Marxism's value is that it shows conflicts that are inherent in the
system we current;y try and operate under.  You do well, however, to remind
the "relativism" combatants that the criterion that we must base our
arguments on is inherent conflict and not inherent quality of grand design.



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