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Thu Jan 19 09:56:44 MST 1995

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> Does anybody know of a good documentary film or a short story that I could use
> with part of an undergraduate course on Marx?  We will be reading part of The
> German Ideology and parts of Capital and I'm interested in either a film or a
> short story that could illustrate some of the key ideas for beginning students.
> Thanks.   KWEEKS at fair1.fairfield. edu

Film: Michael Moore's Roger and Me. Also, Harlan County, by I forget whom.
The latter is slightly more upbeat; the former is very depressing--maybe
apt for today. Moore was showingh it in Germany (E&W) when the Wall came
down and it played some role in the debates over re-unification.

If you are looking for pop culture stuff relevant to Marx, you might think
about Matt Groening's cartoon book, Work Is Hell.

--Justin Schwartz


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