Chicago rally or WarZone Workers

boddhisatva foucault at
Mon Jan 23 00:21:30 MST 1995

		To whom,

	I would like to put forward the position that the boycott is an
unrighteoulsly maligned, legitimate and important, even fundamental tactic
for the labor movement.  I see the law against "secondary boycotts" as a
farsighted and cunningly struck blow by capitalists against the legitimate
social role of unions.  The idea that the value of a company's products are
part and parcel of that company's practices is central to making the market a
truly democratic institution.

	I hope that the Staley workers will find allies in their fight to
force recognition of that company's wrongs in the value of the products of
those who use Staley products in their businesses.  If Pepsi benefits from
the unjust "economies" that Staley creates, then they should suffer the
consequences of the full impact of Staley's methods.  Likewise, there is no
reason that a Caterpillar machine should be welcome in a unionist/socialist



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