marxism and imperialism

boddhisatva foucault at
Mon Jan 23 00:54:35 MST 1995

		To whom...,

	The development of underdevelopment seems a little contrary to the
nature of money/capital as a productive force.  Rather, the farming out of
more heinous forms of oppression to culturally distant and controlable units
would be a logical extension of oppressive method in general.  In fact, the
recent IMF putsches in the third world impress one as nods to the fact that
the colonial caretakers of these oppressive units have dropped the ball and
gone and nationalized industries and done a lot of other inconvenient
neo-populist things.  Capitalism is perpetually in conflict because it
demands both the free flow of capital, and control to facilitate oppression.
Ultimately, it must become very overt and heavy handed to enforce the
oppression, or very content with the status quo.  Otherwise, colonialised
capitalists will begin to cut in to the profits of first world capitalists.

	Look at the situation in Mexico.  There, previously colonialized
capitalists have had a field day with the resources that US capitalists could
previously rely on keeping de facto control over.  They threw a Reagan-style
money party.  The capitalist West cannot rely on the Feudal Third world
because the Feudal approach encourages cultural sovereignty that capitalists
cannot abide.  What's the result ? well, Viva Las Zapatistas and hope for the



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