Development/ underdevelopment

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Mon Jan 23 01:33:19 MST 1995


Re development/ underdevelopment.

I Recommend three books.

Africa Undermined, G. Lanning with  M Mueller, Pelican

The rise and fall if the South African Peasantry, Colin Bundy Heineman

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Walter Rodney, Bogle-L'Overture, London and
Tanzanian Publishing House, Dar es Salaam.

Development and underdevelopment go hand in hand. In Southern Africa, the rural
areas were deliberately forced backwards, more than underdeveloped in fact, because
the mining magnets wanted cheap labour. The poll tax, the pass system, and
destruction of the rural economy were used as leavers to force the peasantry off the
land and into the mines and factories.

South Africa bears the scars to this day. The special conditions of an imperial group the
whites,  being in the same country as the colonised, the blacks, have made the
conditions extreme and special.

With the growth of the global economy the boundaries seem to have been blurred and
apparent development has come to the ex-colonies. However a little deeper thought
and study shows that Financial, technical, education, and especially finance are firmly
in the hands of the same major powers.

Yes perhaps Japan, and a few others have joined or become associated with the major
countries of the USA and Europe but the rest of the wold is developed in as much as
such development compliments the major powers and international monopolies. Talk
about development to the mass of the African, South American, and Asian populations
and a different picture unfolds.

Like all words DEVELOPMENT means different things to different people. To me
development is a lethal weapon. Destruction of the rain forests, displacement of
millions by oilfields, and dams, global warming, etc.....

We need to consider small questions but please let us always reposition them in the
global picture.

Ron Press.


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