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Mon Jan 23 21:14:56 MST 1995


Over the pass three years, I have developed an interest in Marxism (on both
a political and on an analytical level).  But my studies thus far have not
allowed me to persue this interest in any systematic way.  As time goes by,
however, I find that this interest is becoming progressively more consuming.
And so I think there might be a more systematic study of Marxism in my near

My question for the members of this list is: where do I start?  Do I start
with Marx himself (which seems logical), and if so, where in that huge pile
of writings would be best to begin?  Or should I start with more recent
writers?  And where would I look to find out about all these different
Marxist traditions or to learn the distinction between a neo-Marxist and
a post-Marxist.  This is just overwhelming.  I hope someone can help me out.


Austin Allen
Grad Student
University of Houston
Hist14 at


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