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In answer to the question.
>My question for the members of this list is: where do I start?  Do I start
>with Marx himself (which seems logical), and if so, where in that huge pile
>of writings would be best to begin?  Or should I start with more recent

Begin by working for a few years in a factory.
Join a Trade Union.
Take part in the struggle for a better life for all the worlds people.

As Marx said the foundation is the MATERIAL the SUPERSTRUCTURE is buildt on it.

The problem arises when the two get so far apart that they fail to communicate.

I worry.

" >If the capitalist tries, in his chauvinism and
>bigotry, to impose foreign culture on proud people, all the better.  HE
>creates immediate resentment. "

I suppose on this basis we should thank history for killing Mao's wife since it made him angry.
We should also thank the Apartheid regime for locking our leaders in jail for decades. May be Coca Cola is a nice drink but do we need the agressive cultural domination that comes with it?
I assure you the opressed do not appreciate the wip that awakes them from their slumbers.

It reminds me of my school teacher when he used the cane on me. "It hurts me more than it hurts you"

Ron Press

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Imperialism is dead Long live imperialism (He has a different suit on)


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