marxism and imperialism

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Tue Jan 24 03:02:12 MST 1995

>>Yes. I also think that 'anti-imperialism' is either
>>a meaningless or a reactionary slogan in the modern
>>world now that the empires have gone.
>>It ties the workers movement to the coat tails
>>of local capital and prevents an independent
>>proletarian politics.

>Examples, please? One aim of the workers' movement's anti-imperialism
>was to break the proletariat from international capital and its domination
>of weaker countries. The U.S. and Haiti, Russia and Chechnya come to mind
>at the moment.

I would suggest that the relations between the
Indonesian and Iraqi communists and their
national bourgeoisies, justified in anti-imperialist
terms was not helpful to the workers movements
there. The situation in South Africa today is
not quite the same, but there is what seems to
me a dangerously close relationship between the
communists and bourgeois nationalists.

In Ireland, Brendan Clifford, a collaborator of
Bill Warren, has argued very strongly that
anti-imperialist ideology was a key factor in
preventing the rise of an independent workers
movement. For the Worker's Party there to
establish themselves they had to take on board
much of the Clifford/Warren critique of


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