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There is no way that the third world ( by this I mean the unemployed, the poor and dispossessed especially outside of the centeres of high productivuity) can by competition challenge imperialism.

There are a few points I would like to raise.

Productivity and labour efficiency.

The Chinese farmer is much more efficient than the American one. It depends on as I said once before what you mean by efficiency. The American uses (I do not remember the exact figures) something like 1000 times the nergy to produce a ton of food as the Chinese.

The Kenyan farmer produces flowers for the European market and starves because he cannot produce food for himself. The land owners want the money from the sale of the flowers for fast cars and the people can starve.

I am not prepared to enter into the rat race of on the basis of who can accept the lowest wages and worse conditions to become competitive. Unfortunately many workers are sold this idea.

A worker  in America with high productivity and skill is in fact expoited ( on the rate of exploitation as I read in `"wages price and profit'") at a higher rate than a labourer in Taiwan. He does not think so because he is not POOR? It is unfortunately relative. The rate of exploitation is not directly related to poverty.

I agree that many of the causes we fight are merely palliatives. We want the
nirvana. Good I want it too. But millions do not know how to begin the fight.
They beleive in reforms. And reforms are a good thing. Reforms do help.

True in South Africa the institution of democracy into the governing system is
merely a reform. The masses ar still in poverty. But tell them that. They will
agree that they are still in poverty but the reforms are a victory hard fought
and well deserved. Now for the lext step. Houses Education, healthcare. And if
the reformed system does not give it:- on to the next step. The changes in SA
were a revolution, on to the next stage. I fear we have been steeped in the idea
that a revolution is a simple thing. Get rid of the capitalists and bingo. All
is well. Alas not.

The fight against imperialism is part and parcel of the fight for the liberation
of the workers in America and Europe. Fair trade, would be good thing :-but
there is no such thing, Fair competition similarly. Gatt and similar agreements
are window dressing to legitimist the rape of the world by the monopolies.

Because of the ease of communications, transport, capital, technology etc..
the world is becomming more and more a single market both for capital and
labour. This means that the old clearly obvious divisions of imperialism are
becomming blurred. The divisions are still there. There is little love lost
between Japan and the USA. Africa  Asia and Latin America are still relatively
poverty stricken. The workers and the do-gooders ( a compliment not a
derogation) must similarly get closer together to fight back. The trade Union
movement was established and build to create unity between the lowly paid and
the highly paid so as not to be devided and thus for every worker to be worse
off. Since bosses are are now international so the workers must expand their
Trade Unions internationally.

Ron Press


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