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Wed Jan 25 08:08:17 MST 1995

"Furthermore, capitalism DOES undermine feudal and "neo-feudal orders.
"Socialists certainly cannot embrace atavistism in their "efforts to
"the power of capital.  Free markets, even capital markets are "necessary to
"the socialist.  They provide the environment for democratic "action against
"feudal and capitalist power.  If the capitalist tries, in his "chauvinism
"bigotry, to impose foreign culture on proud people, all the "better.  HE
"creates immediate resentment.  But that does not mean that "the goods of the
"capitalist age are anything but good.  Coca-cola is an "unqualified human
"good.  People like it.  We can't ask people to deny the benefits "of the
 "We can only ask them to claim all the goods of industry in "their own
"just as we do in the West.

   Very interesting. I saw Christopher Hitchens on CSPAN not long ago, and he
made a comment that may (or may not) relate to the above topic. He said "I
believe in free trade, as did Karl Marx." What exactly is meant by this? Is
it related to the above remarks? What does a comment like this mean with
regard to the many different schools or marxism? Would love to hear more on
this subject.


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