boddhisatva foucault at
Wed Jan 25 22:51:24 MST 1995

		In Response to Mr. Press,

	I do not mean that we shouls thank the oppressor for spurring us on
or for his spurs, but I do think that consumers cannot be oppressed.  If the
people want Coke, we should not say "let them drink tribal fruit juice".  Nor
should we be aghast when Bic pens and Boeing aircraft are welcomed with open
arms.  Colonialized people have the same dilemna as the rest of the
proletariat.  That is how to make, and resolve to make, the fruits of their
labor their own, bith economically and every other way.

	If we rail against foreign capitalists, we need not rail against
their capital.  If we deride an American factory in Mexico as foreign, don't
we put those workers in the same position as capitalists who tell the workers
that they cannot claim their work product because they were not the original
capitalists who "created" some industry.  All capitalists alienate all
workers.  I say again that those workers have the same goal.  Make your work
your own, alienate capitalists from THEIR "work product" - profit and

	I would mollify my position that consumers cannot be exploited and
oppressed only insofar as it pertains to this lousy text editor and its evil




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