Unequal Exchange

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Jan 27 00:30:09 MST 1995

	In response to,

	It is the mean labour productivity that sets an
upper bound on the average wages in a country.


	While this is theoretically true, capitalism creates labor markets
that are so far from efficiaent that it is moot to the real dynamic here.
The "pre-capitalist" agricultural worker does his job as the feudal society
in which he lives allows him to do it.  He does not need to produce more
before he earns more, he needs to take back what he earns.  THEN, he will
naturally move immediately to more efficient methods as that is the very
purpose of his labor.  It is not the thrid world agricultural WORKER that has
anything invested in his antiquated methods, it is his boss.

	Perhaps we are not appreciating your point.  What is your solution to
the plight of the third world proletariat ?   How do you see him increasing
his income ?  What is the role of the social relations under which he lives,
in you view ?



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