boddhisatva foucault at
Fri Jan 27 00:50:43 MST 1995

		To the Philosophs,

	I have a suggestion.  After reading many cross-posts and trying hard
to decipher them, I have analysed what I think is a flaw, not in the
arguments, but in the argumentation.  Gentlepersons, comrades, don't quote.
What I mean to say, and I should think of a way to say it better, is, it
makes no difference to me if Althusser said something or if Mickey Mouse said
it.  Unless you are telling one wher to find background on a point, quotes
rob the arguments of a certain authenticity that is clearly there but hiding
amongst the towering oaks of academe.  Besides, when you quote you fall into
a shorthand that banishes us who are not so learned in these matters to a
dungeon of the impalpable, barred by more books than we can read in time to
understand the next response.

	These great authors inspire deserved adherence, but one bridles when
factionalism grinds the gears of the theoretical engine.  Merit by
association is a bourgeois trapping to be sure.  Afraid your ideas may pale
next to your fellow's quotes of a great man ?  not a bit of it !    Just
remember what the Cartesian Marxist said :   " I think, therefore I revolt."

	Carry on !  Forward the revolution !



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