Unequal Exchange

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At 4:15 AM 1/26/95, jones/bhandari wrote:

>The "increasing misery" thesis, so often mocked by Marxists and
>non-marxists alike, is underlined by the intensity factor, already
>highlighted and carefully developed by Grossmann in the conclusion to his
>1929 monograph (left out of abridged and trans version of the book but
>recently trans , as well as critiqued, by K Lapides in the Summer 1994
>issue of the History of Political Economy; that a tran would now only
>appear, i.e., as capital is again proving  its crisis tendency or its law
>of motion, in its own way confirms Grossmann's theory of crisis and

Crisis for capital? Where? It seems quite solidly in control of everything.
Of course that could always change, but I want evidence of a present



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