Marxism and philosophy

Philip Goldstein pgold at
Fri Jan 27 14:11:37 MST 1995

	Does anyone want to talk about what happenned to Lenin's
workingclass philosophy once it was established in Soviet party and
educational institutions, where the masses were forced to learn it and
believe it and not dispute it? Does anyone want to talk about Sidney
Hook's evolution after the thirties, when, far from preserving a
workingclass orientation, he became a virulent anti-communist and
anti-Marxist, working for many rightwing organizations? Does anyone want
to discuss the whole breakdown of so-called public, workingclass
intellectuals once higher education underwent such major expansion after
World War II? Or would you rather persist in this nostalgic evocation of
the radical thirties when workers were still workers and the radical left
talked philosophy too?

Philip Goldstein


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