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Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Fri Jan 27 19:00:21 MST 1995

I think I'm with Chris (and, by the looks of it, very much in the
minority) on this one.

I'd suggest starting to look at the influence Marx and Marxist writers
have had on the field you are in at present, and working out some of the
lineages and trajectories of the Marxist tradition from there.  In
literary and cultural studies this might include Terry Eagleton's short
but useful _Marxist Literary Criticism_ (I may have the title wrong
there) or Nelson and Grossberg (eds.), _Marxism and the Interpretation of

For feminist elaborations, Kuhn (ed.) _Feminism and Materialism_ or a
more recent anthology (whose title I forget--can anyone help here?  the
cover its red, if that helps) are also useful.

This is not fully to substitute for reading Marx himself, but on the
other hand (as far as I can see) there is no "original" Marx, and what's
interesting is how Marx has and can be used in specific circumstances for
specific ends.

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