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> In NJ, some of us are interested in developing a study group (prbably in New
> Brunswick area) on leftist (including Marxist) literature and the Green
> movement. Any resources you can suggest us to? The perspective of those
> interested could be categorized as "left-green" or "eco-socialist". Thanks
> for any pointers.
I suggest _Anarchism:  Left, Right, and Green_ by Ulrike Heider
(published by City Lights).  Just finished it myself.  With your
eco-socialist perspective, I would guess that you woould probably feel
comfortable somewhere between the anarcho-syndicalists and the
eco-anarchists.  For me, Heider deals with my socialism (seeing a need to
remedy disparities between the employer's power and the employee's
powerlessness), and less with a centralized "state" socialism.  I should
warn you that the book is largely critical rather than constructive, and
may not satisfy your interest in learning how to create alternative,
green organization.


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