marxism list questionnaire--PLEASE READ

Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Sun Jan 29 03:13:12 MST 1995

This brief questionnaire (ten questions, requiring very short answers) is
part of an effort to improve the list and make it a little more
accountable.  I am especially interested in hearing from those who do not
normally post to the list.  PLEASE take a moment or so to provide some
feedback.  The more people who reply, the more useful this exercise will

Do not reply to the list--reply directly to jpb8 at

1. Approximately how long have you been on the marxism list?

2. How many other lists are you on (name some--I'm especially interested
to see what other left lists people are on, eg. left-l or activ-l etc.)

3. Approximately how often do you check your email?

4. Approximately what proportion of posts to the marxism list do you:

a) skim

b) read in full

5. Which topic(s) have you found the most interesting on the list?
   If you wish, say why.

6. Which the least?  Again, if you wish, say why.

7. What topic(s) or perspective(s) do you think are under-represented?

8. If you do not post, what are the main factors for this (apart from or
in addition to lack of time)?

9. If you were to leave the list, what would be the main reason?

10. Feel free (but not obliged) to add further comments here.  I would be
particularly interested in the following: comparisons with other (esp.
left) lists; comments on the level or tone of discussion; suggestions
about the moderation/facilitation (too obtrusive?  insufficiently so?);
suggestions for activities (readings?); whether the list is intimidating
or inaccessible in any way; and, of course, suggestions for improvement.

If you wished to give some "demographic" information about yourself
(approx. age, gender, institutional affiliation or position or otherwise)
this could also be very helpful.

Thank you very much for your participation.


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
jpb8 at


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