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Sun Jan 29 14:50:29 MST 1995

	Sorry I was away from the machine for a couple of weeks. On

	- it comes in many guises and forms because so many find it so
		hard to give up on the notion of SOMETHING out there
		to anchor our individual thoughts to, something absolutely
		objective to warrant the rightness or truth of what we
		fear so deeply as "merely" our own subjective notions

	- so when Schwartz writes about the "coherence" theory of truth
		or about a theory about truth (an epistemology) that
		announces an equilibrium in which one concept "licenses"
		another, they miss the point here. That point is this:
		coherence and licensing are like beauty; they differ
		according to the eye and mind of the beholder. What one
		thinker thinks is "coherent," another does not. NO
		of course, one believes in such an absolute foundationalism,
		but that contentious issue has been the focal point of
		our debate over fondationalism all along.

Rick Wolff


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