The mistakes of individual Marxists

Thomas Schumacher tschumac at
Mon Jan 30 22:37:48 MST 1995

Louis seems to assume that the only "problems facing Nelson Mandela" are at the
level of the "underlying material reality" -- a level which requires no
"theory" to understand.  Somehow this doesn't seem like a very marxist thing to
say, as if St. Marx only wrote about investment strategies or thought that
there was no relation between art and politics.  Why do we assume that there is
such a thing as "literature in and for itself," devoid of content or form, or
the relation between those and politics?  We might as well assume that there is
just "the market in and for itself" or "capital in and for itself" because to
decide otherwise might require the use of some "theory".  Petty anti-
intellectualism doesn't seem an appropriate response to the serious problem of
academics who overly invest the status quo.

Just another "individual (academic-post/non) marxist,"

Tom Schumacher

P.S.  Perhaps a better understanding of the failure of the USSR would be found
in the anarchists, many of whom forsaw the tyranny of the party long before
Trotsky.  Just a hunch (theory).


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