Unequal Exchange

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Tue Jan 31 01:17:50 MST 1995

		In response to jones/bandari,

	I take the strongest possible exception to what I believe to be your
position that anti trust politics are reactionary.  They are the signing by
the capitalist of his own death warrant.  Efficient and competitive markets
decry the capitalist as useless waste.  They are the ugly Newtonian (as in
Gingrich) truth, that will make us free.  Markets are democratic institutions
that capitalists are fundamentally inspired to avoid.

	My own analysis of capitalist economies hinges on a two market
system.  There is the market in goods and productive capital, and there is
the market in instrunments that extract profit from the other market.
Monopolies are good investments for their enhanced ability as profit
extractors.  Small firms are closer in practice to socialist enterprises (as
American right-wingers love to point out) because they have less
profit-extracting leverage.  It is the power relations in small firms (and,
of course all firms) that doom them to iniquity.

	I would be very interested in your reaction (and everyone else's -
natch) to this analysis.

	I would also embarrassedly ask what you define as a "division 1"
good.  I can't seem to locate that term.



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