The mistakes of individual Marxists

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Tue Jan 31 08:18:13 MST 1995

The list is a fascinating Rorscharch test. In the past views days, it
appears that on the basis of my recent posts I must be:

* an ex- or post-Marxist, because I insist on continual critical appraisal
of Marxist ideas (Proyect)

* a Trotskyist hypocrite (Goldstein), because I remarked that Trotsky was
right about the Soviet bureaucracy's capitalist tendencies and about the
calculation problem for planning

* a Sraffan (wpc???), because, well I'm not sure why. Maybe because I said the
labor theory of value was unproblematic

* a "foundationalist" (Wolff, etc.), because I believe that there is an
objective reality about which our beliefs are true or false, even though I
deny that there are any foundational beliefs.

* an elitist (Jon Beasley-Murray), because I am upset that my students,
when I had students, couldn't read or write.

* an academic Marxist, although, as I've said, I'm unemployed and law
school found (Proyect [Columbia University]).

I'm not complaining. I just find this composite picture sort of
fascinating. Who _is_ this guy and how did he get hold of my password,

Destrucxtion to our enemies,

--Justin Schwartz


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