protesting jails.

JULES D. TUYES antjdtx at
Tue Jan 31 11:13:41 MST 1995

Hello all,

I attended a wonderful protest with homeless and poverty reform activists
today against Atlanta's "celebration" of the opening of its new pre-trial
detention center.  Incidentally, this site is where any homeless or
activist person would be held following arrest.  In Atlanta, of course, we
are preparing for a capitalist nightmare:  The 1996 Olympics, and the
erasure of poverty.  Fortunately, we were able to shut down the
celebration, forcing the audience to eventually flee and the politicians
on stage to re-evaluate the commentary thy expected was natural for such
an event.  I suggest that we protest the opening of these jails whenver
possible.  Problematize the "represenative democracy" we live under.  Let
your politicians know that a certain sensitivity toward people who cannot
afford homes or bail.  Let them know that you are personally evaluating
what kind of government you want.  The most heard rebuttal was "get a
job." Imagine that.


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