Unequal Exchange: A Riposte

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Tue Jan 31 12:22:12 MST 1995

At 10:51 AM 1/31/95, Sudeep M Dasgupta wrote:>

>Coming at this from a different angle, Capital has to work through
>difference, not by abolishing it. (cf.Stuart Hall's essays on Ethnicities)
>Hence, one could argue that the disturbances and dislocations effected by
>capital are not the first signs of its collapse, but offer instead the
>very conditions of possibility for its expansion.

Wouldn't argue with that for a second. Whenever people start throwing
around the term "crisis," I just get nervous. Always to be speaking of
crisis, especially with an emphasis on terminal crisis, makes you
politically passive (someday the whole thing will come crashing down! and
conveniently, right into our arms!), and makes you look silly when
everything is still more or less standing years later. Of course, what's
standing years later is often quite different from what was there before,
but it's still K'ism. K'ism thrives on turbulence; it's both its major
nourishment and its major product. The 1980s debt crisis didn't bring down
the system, as many, me included, thought it might; instead, K used the
crisis politically as a way of opening up the debtor economies and
reforming them to the creditors' liking. Is this latest Mexican crisis
another one of these (i.e., opening up the way for Exxon to get Pemex) or
something more system-threatening?



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