Unequal Exchange

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Jan 31 09:48:02 MST 1995

An interesting exchange below. Doug's comments are my kind of Marxism,
that's why I subscribe to Left Business Observer and urge everybody in
the neighborhood to do so.

This is the type of discussion I expected to find in a Marxism list. In
an age of so much confusion and shifing perspectives, it's great to get
this type of laser-beam clarity.

Louis Proyect, Columbia University, Administrative Information Systems

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> At 9:05 PM 1/30/95, jones/bhandari wrote:
> > Crisis in short intensifies all sorts of contradictions, not only the
> >fundamental capital-labor one. It is always seemed to me that these
> >"pushed-to-wall" firms would be the bedrock of all sorts of reactionary
> >anti-monopoly capital politics from which proletarian politics (apologies
> >to Postone) must struggle to decouple itself.  I would be interested in
> >hearing any thoughts about this.
> This is very true. Smallish, national business has long been a more
> reactionary force, at least in the US, than big biz - from the New Deal
> (small biz hated, big biz found it from tolerable to welcome) to today. The
> current issue of Fortune magazine has an article complaining that the new
> Republican party is too populist, too dominated by small biz interests that
> are hostile to big biz, for the comfort of old-style Fortune 500/country
> club Republicans. This fissure can be seen now in the fight over the Mexico
> bailout. The presidential nomination fight may well turn on this issue,
> with Dole representing the F500 crowd and Gramm or some other raver
> repreenting the "populist" right.
> An interesting theoretical issue: the American populist right shares a lot
> with European fascist thinking, especially on "cultural" issues (religion,
> family values, hatred of fancy art, reflexive patriotism), but, aside from
> its worship of cops and the military, it is far more hostile to the state
> (and other collective entities) and far more friendly to the market. What's
> all that mean?
> Doug
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