Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

aniello margiotta amargiotta at
Sat Jul 1 14:54:04 MDT 1995

>Actually, when trying to "get my mind around" the Holocaust, I often ending
>up falling back on terms like "insane" or even "satanic".  I know this
>represents a failure of analysis.  But I don't think Jim or Nello have
>captured it here, either.
>-- Matt D.

it's surely difficult and superficial to analize nazism' antisemitism and
other racist attitudes in few words, and I am far to make it but I think the
history of Europe is full of periodical persecutions of jews and always it
has been an political- economical reason ( the expulsion from Spain in 1492
for exemple) and so we need a political valutation of this phenomena because
to consider "satanic" nazism don't help us to understand how the
"democratic" capitalism can use this means when it serve.( the play can
escape away from the hands of pupper-showmen)

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