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To refer back in a slightly earlier stage of this thread: Was Marx a Utopian?

Yes, it is true that Marx presented the quite scientific notion that  we
cannot develop a blueprint of the future socialist society since this future
would be determined by factors created in the process of revolution itself
and therefore unpredictable now.  Further, he maintained the democratic idea
that workers would create their own future for themselves.

However, no one is going to the trouble of overthrowing the existing order
without SOME IDEA of what will replace it.  Marx realized this and therefore
did sketch out a vision of the future, particularly after the Paris Commune.

My point is that this sketch was very similar to the vision of utopians
contemporary to him: essentially  a collection of small self-run communities.
 As such it can be considered romantic in that it suggests a return to
earlier "organic" communities.

I suggest that such a vision (supported today by many Marxists and
incorporated in Lenin's "utopian novel" State and Revolution) may be
inconsistent with the level of technology, urbanization, and population
density that exists today.

Maybe anarchists, like the Unobomber and Kirpatrick Sale's "Neo-Luddites" are
more consistent in their anti- modernist stance of proposing the dismantling
of modern industrial society.  Of course, such a position will not have a
large appeal among working people and is not "Marxist" as Marx was, if
nothing else, a great believer in industrial development.

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