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> I'm incredulous (to say the least) at the notion of Marquit 'surviving'
> Stalinism.  To say Marquit was a survivor would suggest that as a CP
> member in good standing with the top leadership of the CPUSA he was
> somehow threatened by Stalinism.  Isn't this (to a much lesser degree, of
> course) somewhat similar to saying that Rudolph Hess was a 'survivor' of
> the Nazi regime?
There is more than one way to fight against Stalinism and other forms of
integrism.  Erwin Marquit did it for many years from within the Communist
movement, both in Eastern Europe and in the West.  He also fought against
the the "stalinim" of the Trottskyist  movement, to use a paradoxical
expression. He belongs to the group of those who lost their illusions without g
iving up their ideal.> Furthermore, Erwin fought against fanaticism, not
against the fanatics a such.  I hope he will not hold against me this
eulogy.> > >      --- from list marxism at --- >

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