Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

James Devine JDevine at
Sat Jul 1 19:03:20 MDT 1995

Matt D. writes: >>Actually, when trying to "get my mind around"
the Holocaust, I often ending up falling back on terms like
"insane" or even "satanic".  I know this represents a failure of
analysis.  But I don't think Jim or Nello have captured it here,

I didn't know I had been called upon to give a complete analysis
of the Holocaust (and I hope that the above isn't saying that my
view is the same as Nello's). I don't have one and I won't
present one here, though I will say that my little sketch was
superior to yelling "satanic" or "insane." My sketch was totally
a specific response to the inanity that I saw in the previous
message (by Matt D? I forget), which falsely accused some guy of
being anti-Semitic as far as I could tell.

If I ever develop a full analysis, it wouldn't be totally in
terms of class. anti-Semitism, along with anti-gay and anti-gypsy
ideology (which Matt D or whoever it was seems to forget),
precede capitalism and maybe even class society. In any event,
they have a certain relative autonomy  from capitalism and must
be taken seriously not simply as a result of Nazism's
procapitalist edge but partly as a cause of Nazism's craziness.

for socialism from below,

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